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JRR;n6641 wrote: Hi Tim,
What calibers and barrels will the other three use? Interested in what others desire in their customs.

The SS for the disabled gentleman is a 6.5X284 on my recommendation. The man will not be shooting a lot and he wants to knock over antelope at 800 yards. That has 6.5X284 written all over it IMHO. I recommended a Krieger, but he insisted on Bartlein. The stock is a laminated Richards Microfit Precision, and will be shaped to his specific shooting style by hand.

One of the Blue LA is going to be a 30XCB with a Krieger barrel, Timney trigger, and a Bell and Carlson fiberglass stock.

The other will be a 30-06 with a Broughton barrel, Timney trigger, and a Choate precision stock (on my recommendation)

The Blue SA will be a precision 222 Remington Match with a Krieger barrel, Timney post trigger, and a Bell and Carlson tactical stock.

All four will be bedded with 10-110 compound as per my usual style.

Pretty straight forward builds. Keep it simple, build it right, and do what works=tiny groups.

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