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$175 for the action. Includes truing the face of the receiver, and recutting the threads concentric to the CL.
$150 for the bolt. Includes dressing the bolt face, nose, and front’s of the lugs.
$50 for lapping the bolt to the lugs
$75 for my 3/8″ thick precision recoil lug.
$75 for threading the bolt knob
Custom bolt knobs on a case by case basis.

I’ll be posting groups from each of these rifles in the coming months as they are completed. The one I’m most interested in is that SS LA. That one is for a man who is almost totally handicapped. He has just enough strength to lift the bolt if I make a long extension.
Here’s the unstoppable man of steel himself. I was describing what I could do for him and the leverage advantage I could give him with a longer bolt handle. I grabbed my Remington, and did some quick rigging to give him an idea of what is possible. Turns out I was right, and he could manipulate it perfectly. He pulls the trigger on the rifle by biting a fob he puts in his mouth. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Another of those is going to be a 30XCB for a member here. Here I am inletting the stock by smoking the barreled action to find the high spots;

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