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(Fig. is a tabulation of corrections in minutes that will aid the new shooter in learning the effect that mirage can have on the target image. The new shooter, wishing to apply the methods of doping the mirage that have been described, must keep in mind that intensity of the mirage seen will very according to each person’s vision.

The tabulation of corrections was extracted, mostly, from the experience of competitive shooters but are still apply to the hunter shooting at distances. Values given will have to be modified somewhat by you the shooters for mirage pictures that are distinct to you, at your geographical location.
As I normally am a competitive shooter and have revamped this article to the hunter I am in hope that you the hunter will understand the value In this video, SFC Lewis explains how to use a spotting scope to monitor mirage, and to watch trace. SFC Lewis is a former Army Marksmanship Unit member, U.S. Army Sniper School instructor, and current U.S. Army Reserve Service Rifle Shooting Team member. In discussing how precision shooters can employ spotting scopes, Lewis compares the use of a spotting scope for competition shooters vs. military snipers. NOTE: You may wish to turn up the audio volume, during the actual interview segment of this video. Having shot with SFC Lewis in the foreground and SFC Buol in the background on a recurring basis I can attest these men knows their craft which is one shot one kill and that neatly fits into the hunters perspective

Barrel mirage
Normally this type of mirage is induced by repeated firing during cooler weather such as sight-ins before going hunting. To the Iron sight shooter this normally is not an issue to the person requiring a scope it does affect their performance. Because this is a manmade effect it can be controlled to an acceptable degree by the use of a sunshade the length that is long enough to control the effect or a barrel shield to disrupt the mirage effect.
Homemade sunshade

Homemade scope sunshade

Now because there is SO much information on the Net I have used a write up from here http://southtexasshooting.org/multim…xt/mirage.html
and edited it for the hunter and long range shooter perspective in order to assit those whom might be interested in shooting long ranges

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