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I put the scy screens on the chrony today and only missed 2 shots out of 15. The velocity I got today with 47gns Win 748 was 2509fps, It seems weird that a change in primers would effect the velocity 100fps, or was it the chrony just not reading right??
Today I loaded 15 rounds and changed to a Win LR primer, also I only lubed the bottom 2 grooves. The gas checks are Hornady. I also put a been bag under the forend. All of the shooting is done on Waynes Lead Sled.
The verticle stringing is gone 🙂 . Shots 5-10 made a nice tight cluster. I tried to track where all the shots went in what order, so the cluster on the right may not be very legible as there was too many holes in one spot.

I have not been wiping the barrel down and it still looks spotless.

Now that I’ve got reasonably good accuracy, I think I’ll start with heavier charges of Win 748 and see where that takes me.
I might try only lubing the bottom lube groove to see if that will get rid of the random holes?

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