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I’ve heard. ….um….read that it is run with a carbine length gas and an adjust gas block . Those run standard buffers and springs . It will take a little bit of fidgeting to get the exact balance to run ,say a 125 gr supper and a 250 sub .
If you intend to run it with a supressor it is my understanding that the gas requirements are different.

If you expect to run unsupressed and more loads to super say 125 to 150 gr a mid length may be better .

This is reading vagaries from the net not based on experience. I bought a 6.8 SPCII and throw brass in a 5 gallon bucket 5 ft from the port at 1:00 . With all stock kit parts from the lowest bidder. I should get an adjustable gas block but will instead wait for the deal on the 18″ rifle length and be happy. .

It sounds like you have your parts picked out but yo can cruise Blackthorneproducts.com and look at the kits and what GI parts they have in them to get a better idea of what to look for.

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