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I had a thought on your seating depth. Did you find that the same way this time as you did back then, or did you use the Hornady OAL gauge? That could totally explain the difference in seating depth.
That’s one of the reasons I purely love the OAL gauge. Trying to sense seating depth any other way is just not consistent. Just speaking for myself, I wouldn’t trust myself to find the same point within .005 just looking for land marks on the bullet. I was shocked when I first used the gauge because what I thought was 0.00 seating depth was actually pressing the bullet into the lands a few thousandths.
I guess what I was thinking was that if you did it the old fashioned way, and backed off .010, you might have come back only have backed off the actual OAL by .005 as measured with the OAL gauge. What do you think?

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