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Does anyone actually think all MDs are always correct? today, diabetes, Alzheimer, cardiac disease, obesity, brain disease, canser and a long list of more, are running rampid. Look at photos of your family before the Medical profession and big pharmacy, and of coarse before a govurmint agency was developed to promote pharacies and line the pocket of politicians with your CASH, They all decided to tell people that you need to limit fat and start eating more Gluten, more modified carbohydrates! The world health fell like a rock, phamacidical and Fat politicians are killing you and run the world today. Our brain is 73% cholesterol, every cell in the human body has a cholesterol generating mechanism, it is to maintain brain health. as we get older, cholesterol is supposed to go to up, to maitain the helth of our brain. You do need a brain to figure out and educate thy self, it makes propagandisizeing you more difficult, if you can still think and remember. most kids hyper activity is eliminated when Glutton is eliminated from there diet. Yes I highly recomend reading a Book as a starter ” Grain Brain, by dr David Pertloff”.

ADD fatty meat and never look back, to that fine recipe, the mighty creator did not give us K9 teeth by mastake, it wasn’t for just fashonability. It is my complete bekief, they are meant to be used.

OP, sorry for the hy jack, if it motivates 1 person to research, I will take any punishment. obviously reading has not improved my spelling, or grammer.


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