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Don’t let the fudds get you down. The range I go to here always gives me a laugh. One of the RSO’s is old as dirt, but a true blue national champion pistol shooter. He usually has me laughing pretty hard as he is trying to teach new shooters proper technique before he comes over and crushes my hopes of beating him just once at our impromptu Sunday shoot offs. We also have a couple regular mall ninjas that are 3 and 7 yard champions. They crack me up drawing and getting off the X, but good on them…I think. One time they drove up, got out of their car, and started doing reps of jumping jacks, crunches, and push ups with all their Uncle Mike’s tactical gear on.

The rifle side is always a hoot with the 50 yd benches crowded with a line waiting their turn, but the 100 range has openings and the 200 yd range is seldom used. I avoid the place like it has AIDS during the lead up to hunting season. Holy safety violations, Batman!! Plus I watched a guy shoot a whole mess of rds without adjusting his scope once. He just kept loading and firing until he hit his jean-u-wine paper plate at 100 yds and said “Bout time I got this rifle zeroed!! ” Ramadi 2006 was safer than rifle season here in Georgia.

Next time wear some Oakley assault gloves and some beats audio headphones when testing your AR’s.

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