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Some of the work done by some of the old time amateurs really wasn’t too bad but ya— some of it was REALLY bad.

Did pick up a Krag single shot conversion in Loveland a few years back. It looked a little rough on the table but that was mostly due to the treatment it had received along the way. Long story with it but am just finishing up the restoration in R-2 Lovell and it looks like it might just turn out not too shabby. Actually the guy was not too bad with the checkering and am going to actually have to make up a couple of different shaped checkering cutters to duplicate and repair his pattern.

You say you do a bit of work ?? Lets see it. Have no fear, you should have seen how I started. I don’t even want to talk about it it’s that bad but one has to start somewhere and I have found a little constructive criticism along the way as long as it is meant in good faith and taken as such goes a long way to helping one develop style and craftsman ship. I am still learning and always try to remain open to a better way or idea. I have looked a pictures of Tim’s and many others work. My mind takes pictures and who knows, I might just play with that idea later. I don’t expect it to be correct but keep trying until it just feels right.
Learning MUST be a ongoing process.

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