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uber7mm;n4934 wrote: Reg,

That’s a beautiful custom rifle you have. I like the streamlined magazine idea. I was thinking of making a peep site base from the rear scope mount as well. Well executed!

Actually the peep worked into the Jr. base is really easy to do and while I have actually never needed it in the field it does add one of the little nice touches.
A lot of the older British gunmakers were great at adding little things that made their work standout. and even Linden in his classic book went into great detail on how to make a hidden cartridge trap in the butt plate.
Years ago I knew a fellow who worked in the gunroom up at the Cabela’s main store in Sidney. We went up there on occasion and he often would let me examine the nicer rifles they would take in. I was never smart enough to bring a camera, darn it. It is really amazing the work some of the betters smiths turn out.
Compared to Kennedy, Fisher, Owens and others I am just a small time piker and even if I can never achieve their level of quality and attention to detail I can at least use their work as an example and try try try !!!

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