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Screwbolts;n4804 wrote: This sounds like a perfect time to start thinking about what it takes to make the extractors, I don’t see it as you got burned. I see it as you have been given an opportunity to develop new skills. I see it as being an educational experience and opportunity for growth.

I recently spotted a nice looking older Bushnell Banner 3-9 -40 on a table it looked perfect, there was a $25 price tag on it. ( older Banner, Made in Japan, B & L marked, at the time of manufacture, it was the #2 scope in Bushnell line. ) I looked at it, looked at the propriater of the area and said $20. He reached out his hand, we shock hands, I bought that scope and every defect it might of had, it didn’t matter the defects at that time It was mine lock stock and barrel. Well It had a bind in power ring and being I was a passenger in a vehicle full of fellow gun nuts going home with their treasures the Cross hair broke on the way home as I sat in the back seat turning the power ring full range over and over again. Well I didn’t go back to Joe and complain I smiled and said cheap entertainment,$20. took my harassment and made a decision to sent it off to Bushnell with $10 to cover return shipping. I also included a note telling them that I had just purchased it and the whole 9 yards. Honesty is the only way. Monday I gets this letter back from Bushnell, SAYing, yup , IT IS BROKEN AND PARTS TAINT AVAILABLE, but they would gladly send me one of their current banners for another $62, well At that point I call them and get the young man named Daniel, I verify the deal and re verify that I just got it but do own 4 Scopechiefs and 3 other Banners. Daniel tells me yup, we will do that, I say Daniel, the problem is the old banner was not the entry level scope in your line I think It would take at least a 3500 to get the same quality. Daniel tells me that isn’t a problem because they are actually offering me a discounted price on all Bushnell products for the replacement of the old Banner, give him a moment and he will have the price. Well for $156.80 cents they are shipping me a 3500 3x9x40 . You see I am a happy customer and think that $20 Bushnell 3×9-40 was a great deal. I added to my education, and got A new 3500 for $186.80 adding up all the money. I bought it lock stock and barrel with every good, bad and ugly thing that was included at no extra cost.


Did the same thing with a old outside adjust Weaver K-10 years ago, worked out as above and got a new K-10 from Weaver. Still have it.
You have to be careful at gun shows but if you will just think on it a bit you might be able to make lemonaid from a lemon.

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