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IMR 4227 VS H 4227, this is is the basic quote that I got from Hodgens about a year ago, and I have kept it for reference “IMR4831 Is a faster burn rate, and will cause issues if loaded as H4831 example, 180g SPBT H4831 60g@2710 and 44300cup and IMR4831 56.8g@ 2750fps and 57100cup

That being said, I am using 13g IMR 4227 behind a Keith 250g . I do not have a Chrono, but my information claims around 950fps. I have shot 17g in it, and do not like the added punishment. (1100fps, and 18600cup)

I am also using it in my .44 sp, and 36g of it behind a 300g fp in a 45-70 is supposed to be around 36000 cup, and a very hot load

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