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Yes Wright that is the point after I have a load that works in a rifle that works I shoot field positions because it is more important to me to be on the freezer meat maker than all in the same hole although the later makes the 1st easier .
We were in fact just out shooting the new toy and my friend getting to know it.

I never approach a rifle with the idea that it is a 1 hole wonder ,I assume it will shoot 3″ at 100 with about anything and trow 2-3 in 20 . Until I start working a load ,which won’t happen for the Henry, I don’t even try to shoot 100 with a pistol Cartridge rifle 75 is a far more practical range . I actually posted this in several forums just because there has been a buzz about the 41 Mag limited run .

On another point of interest as we ran through the 1st 50 factory rounds the rifle seemed to settle down and close the consistency.

If I were to pick out the poor points ,the front bead is huge ,the parkerizing finish is ugly ,I don’t like the shiny white bolt in the matt black action the shiny rear sight is tacky ,the rich checkering is wasted on flat metal and wood. And he paid too much for the rifle . I could probably chop it apart nit picking ,but this is a field working gun 1st and a pleasure shooter 2nd ,it won’t be a competitive gun so the need list is shorter than the want/expectation list. Sure it’d be sweet to have a 1 hole wonder out of the box but he didn’t buy a McMillan Ziese MBT 40X ,he bought a Lin production steel Henry lever-action-rifle fun gun.

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