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I saw 3 things with the cases that would lead to better groups immediately. It was fired with just 1 brand and load ,so there is a high probably of there being a better factory load to be had.

I don’t think it is possible to get a perfect specimen every time ………over 20% anymore , in a production anything. The Rosschester I bought 3 seasons ago needed some polishing in the action and in all honesty it should be rebarrled it has a dip under the front sight tha is readily visable and the chamber is huge and sloppy. . But as a “master reloader”, more accurately a maker do of custom chambes (polite for for poor QC spread across 146 yr of care ranging from impeccable to what was done may or may not have been done .)) I make it work . I think in the case of of the pistol cartridge companion rifles that we have today most shooters are happy with 3-4″ rifles because most of them don’t shoot any better than that. The shooters I mean. . From the Rosschester 92′ I need 4″ at 50 yd it gives me that with a broad range of practice loads and 4″ at 100 from field shooting sets. . It is better with the fire formed cases only necked and the Henry would also benefit from that. .
My buddy moved the group 2″ left by not doing his hasty wrap ditching the sling all together might close th groups even more .

Did I mention that I got 50 1x Starline brass and for going out to shoot a brand new once mopped out of the box rifle and that the shot placement and consistency was improving as he/we learned it’s quirks?

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