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All things considered, Henry isn’t blowing my skirt up with their barrel quality. WrightArms has a 357 he’s been trying to get to shoot less than 6″ at 100 yards. Found barrel constrictions under each dovetail in the barrel and a few that he could not explain. He’s lapped the barrel some, but I get the impression he’s still not too thrilled with the accuracy.
You’d sure think that for the price, they would take better care to get the #1 thing done correctly (it’s called a RIFLE for a reason), but I hear many stories that say otherwise, or very happy people who only shoot 5 shot groups at 50 yards.
Different strokes for different folks.
If hitting clay pigeons at 50 yards is the accuracy standard, I wonder why the money would not be spent on a brace of Ruger Blackhawks that will each beat that figure soundly. Matter of fact, there are quite a few hombres out there shooting 6″ groups at 100 yards using various single action revolvers. In my opinion, any rifle worth it’s salt should be able to beat that.

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