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Friend of mine just got a Henery in 357 Mag. Shot a box of ammo through it and was very happy with the gun. While he was cleaning the Henry he noticed that there was mark that ran the full length of the bore,not real deep, but you could feel it with a plastic pick. Calls Henry to return the gun, the fellow on the phone tells him that they have seen this before and they will replace the barrel for him. My friend only lives 20 miles from the factory so he wanted to just drive to the factory to return it. Can’t happen, the gun has to be shipped UPS on his dime, not a big issue. The turn around was fast, only about 1-1/2 weeks. My buddy is happy and heads out to his back yard range. The gun is shooting 12 inches to the right at 50 yards. He takes a better look and discovers that the new barrel is bent. Now my buddy is fairly unhappy so he finds the email address for the president of Henry Arms and sends him a message explaining what has happened. He has also returned the rifle to the shop where he purchased the rifle. The shop owner says that he will personally take the rifle back to Henry and get a new rifle for him.

The president of Henry did personally answer my buddies email and promised that they would make the rifle right, and for his trouble they sent him a hat and a Henry rifle case. It took less than one week for the rifle to be rebarreled and test fired. Then one of the girls from the office personally delivered the rifle back to the dealer that my friend had purchased it from. Now my buddy is back to being in love with his new rifle.

I guess that the moral of this story is that bad things can go wrong with any company, but the good ones step up and correct the error in a hurry.

Looks to me like Henry is a pretty good company!

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