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You’ll need something to knap the flints with unless you get real lucky and find a flint that last forever some seem too but some need to be knapped every few shots just the nature of the beast. There are several knapping hammers out on the market and they are cheap enough most consist of a brass wedge shaped hammer with some sort of handle ending in a screw driver very handy! They do work to do a very fine edge but sometimes you need to give the flint a more serious knapping. I use a cheap 1/8 punch form a local hardware store you really don’t want or need a hard faced punch the softer metal grabs the edge of the flint better giving a better bite on the flint. I put the lock on half cock and cradle the rifle in my arms and hold the edge of the punch on the edge of the flint and whack the punch with the handle of a screw driver. UN-LOADED of course there will be enough sparks to fire the main charge even though there is no priming powder in the pan!!!!!!

I always check the frizzen after I fire the rifle simply look down at the frizzen and you will see the scratch marks for the previous shot if they look rather weak give the flint a bit of knapping. Always keep the flint tight in the cock this needs to be checked quite often especially with a newer piece of leather in the jaws after the leather has been there a while it will seem to hold better but you still need to check often and you will have to replace the leather every now and then it does wear out. A lose flint will cause a slow ignition and wear the flint more than needed and of course you might lose the flint.

If by chance and it will happen that you have the rifle loaded and primed and the flint refuses to fire dump the priming powder wipe it out as much as possible and I like to push a round tooth pick or pipe cleaner into the flash hole channel to block any sparks and point the rifle in a safe direction and knap the flint knowing full that the rifle may discharge. I have never had it happen to me in nearly 50 years of shooting flintlocks BUT it has happened!!!!!!

Above all else have fun! It’s going to be a learning experience just be patient and learn as you go.


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