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I started with an inexpensive (200$) Hipoint carbine in .40sw. Put a mid range red dot on it, loved it. Took the wife, at 20 feet she totally destroyed a 2″ black stick on target. All rounds in 2 inches, center totally gone. Turned to me, wow, that is fun. Bulllet goes right where the red dot is, do they make one that does not bump my shoulder so hard?
The real tell was the grin that spread from ear to ear.

So now i am the owner of 3, 1 40, 2 9mm’s, thinking about the .45.

From a casting perspective, casting .40 or .45 acp bullets is loads easier than anything smaller.

You can reload them with inexpensive shotgun powder. (Red Dot fan here) This also significantly helps on expenses.

Pistol caliber carbines tend to shoot slower, makes it easier to cast, less touchy about things like lube and hardness of alloy.
Pistol brass is not as expensive as rifle.

I have a variety of rifles that I do cast and load for, but not much has as much pure fun factor as those highpoint carbines.

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