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I think it depends on the shooter Steve. I know shooting from a covered area, with the light slightly behind is the most perfect situation for me. I was out at the Benton long range shooting at the 400 yard plate, with my M1A and I was holding a group the size of a dollar bill.
Here’s the plate. The other hits below were caused by my buddy’s 300BLK. Notice the shadow of the plate on the ground behind.

Now, in contrast, the next weekend, I was shooting in an open field feeling all confident and good about myself. I was shooting at a posted target 300 yards away, the sun was high and beating down on us. The sights had a lot of glare on them from the sun, and they were all blurry. I had a hard time just keeping it on paper.

After that was when Sarge introduced me to aerosol sight black. A quick spritz with that stuff and glare has a hard time getting a foothold. Still, the location of the sun and how it hits the sights is a frustrating thing to learn to deal with because it changes your perception of where things are (almost like Mirage).

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