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I powder coat, HI-TEK, use a Star, and use BLL depending on how the mood strikes me at the time. Loads are different between them all. I believe a big failing for those switching from traditional lube to a coating is that they don’t rework the loads. The they complain accuracy is different between the two…

I like to use the star to lube my 200 gr SWC for 45 acp target. I like the smoke rolling from my Colts as I’m shooting rapid fire. I use a 230 gr smooth sided bullet from Hardline Industries that I powder coat for hardball loads. This bullet over bullseye shoots as well as the Sierra tournament master bullets from a rest. I use HI-TEK and Powder coat for my 158 gr SWC and 173 gr SWC in the 38/357. I use BLL for my low velocity wadcutters. 9mm gets lubed on the star as well because my 9mm load with Lotak hard is very accurate.

So for me it is performance driven…most of the time, lol.

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