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Chuck the brass in the lathe and turn the rim off.
Get a piece of round stock, drill a hole in the center to match what is left of the BMG case, then turn a bevel on the inside to match what was left of the BMG extractor groove.
Part the end off so you have a piece that is just oversised to fit the BMG case.
Two methods of ataching the rim. I soldered the new piece on. Others have turned and cut some fine threads to screw it on and locktite in place. For low pressure, I don’t see any problems with soldering the new rim on.
Now put the case back in the lathe and turn off everything that is not the size and shape of a 12ga rim.
Now for a primer… I soldered in a piece to fill the primer pocket, then drilled the center out to accept a 209 shotgun primer.
If you are going to run high pressure or very heavy loads of slow powder, then stick with the BMG primers.
You can aneal the case and firerform, then cut to length.
I’m sure that I’ve missed a step, but that is the basic how to.

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