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Years ago, first starting out, tried pan lubing….being the kind of person who can make a big mess with anything, after I spilled hot melted lube on me, my pants , my shirt , the table , the floor, even got the dog, I cleaned the mess up as best I could , I begged some money from my Mom, put it with what I had been saving, then drove down to local gun/reloading shop and bought a Lyman 450 lube/sizer. The best thing I ever spent money on….worth every penny. Neat , clean, pull handle down, size , lube, seat gas check, pull handle up .. a perfectly sized and lubed bullet …no mess at all ! Mom was so glad I wasn’t spilling hot lube on everything . I still use it, been doing it this way so long and it’s paid for , so I’m not going to change now.
I only shoot cast pistol and low velocity cast rifle so the old school lube works fine. If I was going to do high velocity rifle I would look into powder coating….but this old dog gets by with his old tricks.

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