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bjornb;n2285 wrote: When I started doing all the rifle HV shooting a couple of years ago I also started dip lubing, on a tip from Goodsteel. Using the 30XCB bullet exclusively, it’s perfect for dip lubing with the shallow lube grooves. Set a hundred or so gas checked bullets in melted lube, then pick them back up with tweezers and place on wax paper. Since the bullets are now hot, only a miniscule amount of lube stays on the bullet, exactly enough to fill the lube grooves after sizing in a push thru die.

Deep groove bullets require a slightly different technique: dip them cold in melted lube, one at a time, pull them right out and place on wax paper. The cold lead will carry a lot more lube on the bullet, again plenty to fill the grooves when push thru sizing.

This is now my only lubing system; it’s both quick and easy.

Just to give kudos where they are due and also to show how many people have contributed to the XCB project without even knowing it, it was Milkman who taught me that trick. I still remember looking at his casting setup and he had a tunafish can of lube set on the hotpate of a busted old coffee maker, and he showed me the dip lubing trick. I never forgot it. Ended up being the method used to lube some of the fastest bullets in history. Good times!

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