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When I started doing all the rifle HV shooting a couple of years ago I also started dip lubing, on a tip from Goodsteel. Using the 30XCB bullet exclusively, it’s perfect for dip lubing with the shallow lube grooves. Set a hundred or so gas checked bullets in melted lube, then pick them back up with tweezers and place on wax paper. Since the bullets are now hot, only a miniscule amount of lube stays on the bullet, exactly enough to fill the lube grooves after sizing in a push thru die.

Deep groove bullets require a slightly different technique: dip them cold in melted lube, one at a time, pull them right out and place on wax paper. The cold lead will carry a lot more lube on the bullet, again plenty to fill the grooves when push thru sizing.

This is now my only lubing system; it’s both quick and easy.

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