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popper;n2209 wrote: Larry, lok at the high speed vid of bullets leaving the barel and you will see shock ( pressure) waves leaving the barrel before the bullet exits – even in the shotgun vid. Like ripples from a rock tossed into the pond. They do exist. Can we get really high fps & accuracy with ternary alloys? I changed to adding Cu, as many have shown evidence it helps. Makes it easier for ME. I don’t know the ‘correct’ answer. Just rtying to get answers for what I observe. TERNARY cast bullet – may be the problem? Maybe you’ve found the limit? My gyro example is to show Tim that seemingly strange observations have an answer and sometimes take a while to figure out.
Tim, that is why I offered to send you some of my cast boolits – because I want to find he real answer. I have no way of testing any hypothesis. I’m pretty close to the limit in 308W and being elderly doesn’t help my shooting any.

I’ve got no problem with your line of thinking popper, as long as we make sure the brilliant idea blimp doesn’t lose it’s tether to reality.
What’s with the bullets? What do you propose? (oh, and on a personal note, this thread does belong to Larry Gibson, and his posts determine the direction of it. If you would rather start another thread, I’m fine with that.)

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