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Of course shock waves exist, I never said they didn’t. The shock wave leaving the barrel before the bullet does are precursor shock waves created by the air in the bore being compressed and pushed out in front of the bullet (the gas escaping past the bullet before it enters the bore or if it doesn’t obturate and seal the bore can also add to the precursor shock wave). However that precursor wave is in front of the bullet, not behind the bullet where the GC is. That there are “shock waves” created by the burning of a progressive propellant in a firearm cartridge case is an unproven theory. The cause of SEE has been proven, is reproducible, is measureable and is not caused by shock waves…….just in case you want to go there.

But as I’ve stated; assuming it was “shock waves” knocking off the GCs at 2950+ fps then that’s fine. Do you know something that we can readily do with a ternary alloy cast bullet to prevent it? I thought not. That’s the point, we have reached the answer to the basic question we sought to answer: how fast can we push a ternary cast bullet while maintaining 2 moa or less accuracy linearly to 300 or maybe 400 yards?. That was the question. We have answered it. Plain and simple the answer, at least with .30 caliber cast bullets, is 2950 – 3100+ fps probably dependent on ambient temperature. That is unless you can prove it incorrect?

“Can we get really high fps & accuracy with ternary alloys?”

Considering the subject of this thread is that I’m getting moa accuracy with 10 shot groups out to 300 yards at 2900 fps isn’t that a somewhat dumb question? There are several others getting the same accuracy at 2600 – 2600+ fps. I was doing that 4+ years ago and posting it on the CBF forum. The fact that I’ve posted several times here, on the NOE forum and even on the CBF forum how to get excellent accuracy 2300 – 2400 fps from 10″ twist rifles, 2500+ fps from 12″ twist rifles and even how to get excellent factual accuracy at 2100+ fps from the 6.5 Swede obviousl has been ignored by the “experts” of HV cast bullet shooting on CBF. Have you or any of the “experts” on CBF ever posted such along with factual data and targets? Have any of those “experts” ever actually helped anyone actually shoot such HV with the same accuracy? Please don’t answer those questions here because all the BS is best left on CBF. Here goodsteel wants to deal in facts and actually help other cast bullet shooters achieve the same as we have.

“TERNARY cast bullet – may be the problem?”

No, using a ternary cast bullet was not “the problem”……..it was the question. How is that so hard to understand? You want to shoot a cast bullet with Cu in it faster than 2900 fps and maintain moa accuracy or better then please be my guest. I am not interested because I have already tried it and it didn’t work out. I’ve explained why in a previous post. What I love about all the CBF “experts”, especially the ones I supposedly forced out, is they all want to tell me what I need to do, how I need to test and how I need to prove what I say over and over again. Yet I’ve not seen any of them with the exception of two of them, conduct any tests themselves of what I have done. They all purport to tell others how to shoot cast bullets at HV and make extravagant claims. When asked to prove what they claim they say they don’t have to……yet at the same time say I must prove this or that over and over again. Well, my proof is all there and well documented.

“Maybe you’ve found the limit?”

Maybe you’re getting the idea……….I hit the limit on the .308W 2+ years ago after several years and several thousand rounds of testing with numerous powders and several bullet designs. The limit was not because the bullets crapped out but because the .308W lacked powder capacity. It became obvious from Bjorn’s testing of the 30×57 XCB that it only marginally increased the powder capacity. Thus when I had goodsteel barrel Dawn with the 31″ Broughton 16″ twist barrel I had him chamber it in the 30×60 XCB cartridge. It was with the 30×60 XCB that the bullet’s limit was found at 98 – 100% load density with that cartridge. Bjorn even spent more $s (how many of the CBF “experts” have spent 1/10th of what we have to find the real answer?) on a 17″ twist barrel and had goodsteel chamber it in the greater capacity 30-06 XCB. His testing showed no increase in the velocity level where the bullet failed and accuracy was lost. His and my testing both have involved various ternary alloys from the really soft alloy recommended by the a couple of former CBF experts to linotype alloy. Additionally I tested 3 different quadra alloys with Cu in them. My tests have confirmed that Lyman #2 alloy gives the best casting of quality bullets for use at HV and they also hold up the best to the highest velocity. An alloy of 4.5 – 5% of antimony and tin with the rest being lead (that’s what Lyman #2 alloy is) will cast the best quality bullets and perform the best accuracy wise at true HV (2600 – 2900+ fps).

What bullets are you wanting tested? How are you wanting them tested?

Larry Gibson

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