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Larry, lok at the high speed vid of bullets leaving the barel and you will see shock ( pressure) waves leaving the barrel before the bullet exits – even in the shotgun vid. Like ripples from a rock tossed into the pond. They do exist. Can we get really high fps & accuracy with ternary alloys? I changed to adding Cu, as many have shown evidence it helps. Makes it easier for ME. I don’t know the ‘correct’ answer. Just rtying to get answers for what I observe. TERNARY cast bullet – may be the problem? Maybe you’ve found the limit? My gyro example is to show Tim that seemingly strange observations have an answer and sometimes take a while to figure out.
Tim, that is why I offered to send you some of my cast boolits – because I want to find he real answer. I have no way of testing any hypothesis. I’m pretty close to the limit in 308W and being elderly doesn’t help my shooting any.

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