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OK, so let’s just assume all the wave theory is correct and it is the root cause of the GCs coming off. We can not even identify what the problem is so how do we deal with it…..point is…..we can’t. As I stated earlier there are things, with any given rifle, that are going to happen. We maybe can mitigate some of it but most, such as the force the bullet exerts against the edge of the lands, we can do nothing about. If the waves are the problem I see nothing in those references how to mitigate them in firearm cartridges. Thus there is nothing we can do about it. Another consideration is we have attained about as high a velocity as case capacity allows. Additionally the psi is running 50,000+ which is much higher than any structural table says the alloy should be able to withstand. All in all I’ll just fall back on; “”at the end of the day” it doesn’t matter why the GCs come off. The point is they do come off and that (2950 – 3100 fps) is the highest velocity I’ve been able to attain while maintaining 2 moa accuracy or less with a TERNARY cast bullet.”

All the pontification and referencing the Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis effect is not going to change that, especially given the simplistic parameters that we established so anyone can be readily be enabled to learn how to cast quality ternary alloy bullets and with the right rifle shoot them at 2500 – 2900 fps while maintaining useable, if not excellent, accuracy.

Larry Gibson

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