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What ever y’all do, don’t let the results from any harbor freight PC determine whether or not you like PC. Once you move into better powders you’ll see a big difference. Also with the shake and bake method humidity plays a big part, I live in Mississippi where our humidity is always 80% or higher, what would work for someone out west isn’t always going to work for someone like me.

I PC in a vibratory polisher sometimes, you have to be careful not to run it for to long, seems like after 15 minutes your doing more harm than good. I’m going to mount a Tupperware bowl on one to soften the action a bit and maybe put on stronger springs to dampen the vibration, either way I’ve always had good results when using airsoft bb’s and just a bit of powder at a time. It seems like reusing the powder left in the bowl more than twice is counter productive. Just my opinion.

On bullets with small lube grooves or small bullets that are hard to stand up, I prefer to cut the PC with acetone, or lacquer thinner. I use both depending on the PC being used. With the acetone it will form a paint that will apply it’s self by rolling the bullets around in it. As soon as they start sticking I dump them out and let them dry. After drying you can handle them with no damage to the coating which help you arrange them before baking. With the lacquer thinner the coat will rub off but it’s still stuck on there much better than the shake and bake method would apply it, and this helps with arranging them.

As far as the shake and bake method, I do it just like anyone else, I just have to work harder sometimes due to the humidity. I will say that I use a medium sized bowl instead of a cup with a screw on lid. I found thatt if I nest a bowl inside of a bowl, they are less likely to crack and sometimes i put a plastic garbage bag on my lap and shake/rub the bowl on it to help build a static charge.

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