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A couple of thins about my particular rifle 1st the chamber is short at the neck. I don’t know if the is common or motel . It also has a full shoulder the end result is that it is practically an AI case in this case I doubt it makes enough difference to add .1 gr of even 10x all of my brass is set at 1.770 . 10x shot well but gets spikey at the top loads and there really isn’t data for 130 gr bullets. H4198 should be the ticket but would need an adjustable gas block .while working up that powder I hit a point where the next step failed to hold open but cycled . It would be an excellent choice for a rifle length gas . Mine is a mid- length . I want to try the bullets as cast ,they drop at .279 .I’ve sized at 278 for mine as it is 270 x 277 and I had the 278 sizer for 7mm PP cores . I settled with H322 because it showed the best promise in half gr steps .

My rig is Melonited. I didn’t know what that was either but it is US GI so it has to be good . Right ? It is a simple process that falls into a catagory of ammonia case hardening and is affected like black chrome. The more you work it the slicker it gets ,but expect it to look like parkerizing at 1st sight . The barrel is like a mirror and the chamber is like really smooth parkerizing. With bronze antiqued highlights, but it’s smooth and doesn’t hang so I’m running with it.

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