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I know the answer to this one. You shoot full moon clips . Turn the center and ejector to head space the clips and acp and leave the OD proud to headspace the Colts . It solves 3 problems. And all you lose is auto rim . You gain Colts ,Schofield, S&W, and cowboy. Plus you get GAP ,ACP,Rowland, Mag and the theoretical proposed auto mag . Win-win. The only away for it to be bter would be to start with a Casuall . The jump from .898 to 1.285 isn’t that far in a pistol chamber. As a tinker project once I made up a dozen or so 9×23 rimmed. They come out more or less the same length as a 38 special wad cutter and would feed in a Marlin 1895 . Practical accuracy wasn’t any better or worse in the Sec 6 or the Marlin. Granted it was only a magazine in the Marlin and a couple of cylinders in the 6″pistol and not a definitive test it was sound I would be willing to cut down a few more Colts to GAP or ACP and shoot a bunch through the BlackHawk along with a mix of assorted lengths with a known accurate Colts load and match it up for pressures or projected velocity against the Chrony. 8v a bunch of 45-200s setting here .

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