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From the first link:

It is not the intention here, nor was it in our previous work, to obtain the best curve fit for the experimental data.
Rather the intent is (and was) to compare the theoretical predictions with the major features of the data. Too many quantities such as the shape height and width of the distorted Peierls barrier and the effective mass of the dislocation core segments are currently only imprecisely known.

I do not see how this information applies.

I read the second link too. All I got from it was that our bullets might have a more refined grain structure on the surface with no reduction in hardness as they traverse the bore of our rifles due to friction heat and atomic recrystallization that occurs as a result of it. Most of the second article is dealing with the static properties of lead and its alloys and is putting really big words to concepts that we already know. Give em a round of applause. They proved on paper that bullets will look frosty when they are dropped from a hot mold and heat treating actually makes them hard. What are you seeing that I’m not Popper?

If you ever find yourself drawing a theory from a theory from a theory about something that you really don’t understand on a basic level, you have to be careful. You can’t ever get too far ahead of what you have proven or you wind up skipping down the yellow brick road in ruby slippers talking to trees that throw apples. It’s also not a good idea to assume that anyone else has actually done their research and bolstered it properly, because quite frankly, I’ve seen more horse manure postulated about cast bullets than any other subject in my life. The internet was swimming in it till I stepped up and yanked back the curtain.

Postulating theories is a fun pastime for some, but GSF is about reality. We form a theory based on a fact that we have proven (that’s one theory at a time). Then we change one thing at a time till we have either proven or expelled the theory. It’s slow and kind of like feeling your way through a minefield by stabbing your bayonet in the ground a million times, but that is what is required to move forward without losing everything we care about.

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