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Wheel Gun;n1889 wrote: Just wondering why not make one of each. Seems to me there would only be a few small differences between the two and just saying if your already making one it seems you could make it totally unique by having both to go along with those nice lines. Is it a 1917 in a 45 acp now?

It’s a matter of time. The truth is, I can barely afford my own services. LOL!
This is a Brazilian contract 1917 in 45acp. It shoots horribly. The cylinder throats were cut too close to the center so all the bullets enter the barrel about .005 low, and they made up for it by opening the throats to .459 😮
I had a spare cylinder from a S&W 27, so I cut it down and bored the holes to .452. Now all I have to decide is what reamer to use. Both have their virtues.

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