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No Tim I don’t think (other than some fliers) it is anywhere near 10 inch cone of fire at 100 yards because it isn’t nearly that off the bench, I think what you were seeing offhand is inertia of the hammer dropping the end of the muzzle down when the heavy assed Rossi hammer slams down….Having fired this rifle for thousands of rounds I often think about how much easier it would be to shoot a bolt action striker fired rifle .I dry fire it hundreds of times a day and too often I seen the sights jump to below the target when the hammer slams down.
No you have enough to do already..I’ll work on it s’more because I intend to continue using it in the 200 yard rifle silhouette matches..I slugged the bore and I know the BadMan bullets I am using are only .0005 thousanths over groove dia..I might have to pop for an Accurate mold but honestly I despise standing at the bench casting bullets..I much rather just buy them.

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