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yup, I like the other colors but being of some German blood in my family I am forced to stay with my HF Red! Maybe the Irish side of me will prevail and I might get some other colors. I have found the GC on before PC is determined for me as to how well they fit before and after PC and if they stay on during shake up. I left some alox dry up a wee bit and some bullets I dip the base lightly in stiff alox than install GC and run thru Lee push sizer and then PC. I prefer to have the check on for PC, and then if groubs stay together but on the largish side I will apply some simple lube by hand to PCbullet as I seat them. I never had that hurt a groub size, but it usually pulls them together. Happened yesterday again with this sks, decent groub with PC and then I lubed with simple lube and got a smaller groub size, sorry for thread drift!

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