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I’m partial to Bullseye, Unique and 2400 in .44s with cast bullets also. Since I plan on this being my mid range 44 magnum bullet Unique will get 1st shot (pun intended….:rolleyes:). Looking at testing 8, 8.5, 9 and 9.5 grs. If Unique works, and I’m expecting it will, then the search ends and the fun begins……

My CPG 44-40 likes the 240 Lee TL bullet and the sights are regulated to it using 8.5 gr Unique I will just try the 429360 over that load and see……..

Probably still use the 240 TL Lee in standard 44 SPL loads (5 gr Bullseye) as it isn’t broke and the Lee 6 cavity mould really cranks them out. My full bore 44 Magnum loads are with the RCBS 255 KT or the, mostly, the Lyman 429640HP Devastator. I use 2400 or Blue Dot under the KT and H110 under the Devastator. However, if the 429360 works well with Unique I may just try it under 20 – 22 gr 2400……..probably cast it a bit harder or WQ for that though……

Larry Gibson

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