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Bodean98;n15729 wrote: Has anyone else noticed that all of the responses have been talk only?
Even the semi midget, doughnut eating, lard a**, bad hair, wannabe leader of North Korea was supposed to test another nuke for his birthday. Didn’t happen. They did make a statement that they would go to war with the US if provoked! Really? I truly wonder how they think they could even accomplish that feat logistically.
Trump is being tested by the other World leaders as all Presidents are. I believe his statement is LOUD and CLEAR. There is not just a new sheriff in town, but now there IS a sheriff in town.
Obama is NO LONGER the President!

As soon as Trump nominated his supreme court judge, I was ‘done with him’.
I voted simply for the next supreme justice nominee at the ballot box.
He nominated to my liking, and as such, I am done with Trump, he can simply sit on his hands the rest of his term, and I feel I got what I wanted. I am done, he can do anything from here on out, and I don’t care.
…………….And it appears he is not sitting on his hands, by any means, and I doubt he is even near done yet !!!!

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