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Bodean98;n15729 wrote: Has anyone else noticed that all of the responses have been talk only?
Even the semi midget, doughnut eating, lard a**, bad hair, wannabe leader of North Korea was supposed to test another nuke for his birthday. Didn’t happen. They did make a statement that they would go to war with the US if provoked! Really? I truly wonder how they think they could even accomplish that feat logistically.
Trump is being tested by the other World leaders as all Presidents are. I believe his statement is LOUD and CLEAR. There is not just a new sheriff in town, but now there IS a sheriff in town.
Obama is NO LONGER the President!

Never underestimate your enemy. There are weapons just as diabolical as nukes, and much easier to make and hide. There is so much we do not know about NK. What we do know is scary. Chemical weapons, lasers, 10 year conscription for every male (5 years for every woman). They spend as much as possibly 35% of their country’s money on their military. Everyone is expected to die for their country, and they know if they do not they will be executed anyway. Much of their equipment is old and probably won’t work, but if he’s smart that’s exactly what he needs to show the world while he secretly stockpiles more viable weapons. Luckily, his arrogance is the best weapon we have against him. If he really thinks he is the baddest there is, he probably doesn’t have much we don’t see. Don’t doubt the fact that he can do tremendous damage to the world. The worst he can do is be a catalyst that gets several countries involved.

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