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Ok after a ton of wrestling I went ahead and bought the Williams peep tonight .
I also loaded 20 full cases under the 458193 . I hope to get out between the time the wind let’s up and before it starts snowing this weekend .

Has anyone done the Paco Kelly magazine/fore end relief is it worth the effort ?
As it stands now I’ve run 3 bullets ( 350 PP, 353 GG and 414 GG) of 3 very different designs , 3 powders and 3 energy levels from hopped up Colts to Buffalo slayers . I have a 4 th bullet to try that is a HB that may take well to either grease or paper .
The powders have run from Unique to H322 to too slow to reach clean burn in even a compressed load . Groups remain unchanged , suggesting that at present I have a solid but very flexible platform as is .
i can work the loads a little , add better sights , wring out the bullet QC , fiddle with wads , try another bullet , try a mag primer , wring out my trigger technique or be happy with the platform and cartridge . I don’t like the 3-4″ groups but maybe that really is all there is .


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