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I’ve got one of them Dracos. Can be quite fun to shoot like Hollywood. I finally put a Parabellum rail and an EOTech sight on it in 2014. It happens to be NV capable only because that was the one of the two in the store that had the reticle I liked, a circle with a dot in the middle. Wow. Now I can hit with it. Currently zeroed for 200 yards. I hope to put it on paper this weekend, weather permitting. The magazine in the photo is one I just bought a case of 42 of from Palmetto State Armory. They came in at a little under $5 each, delivered. They are made in Croatia and advertised as blemished. The only blemish I could find is shown in the second photo, some rough machining in the area where that slight recess is cut. They hold the bolt open after the last shot. I’ll report on functioning later.

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