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Great review on a bullet that I have been looking at for quiet sometime. I wanted a long heavy FN bullet for my long throated 91/30 that I could use as a hunting bullet as 100 yds. or less is pretty common around here.

I ordered a two cavity version with a minor change to the driving band dia. from Tom at Accurate and received my copy of Tommie’s bullet about a week ago an was able to cast up about 200 bullets over the weekend. With my old batch of COWW’s and a bit of tin WQ’ed my bullets are dropping right at .315″ on the driving bands an weight 216 grs. checked with Gator checks and lubed with 2500+.

Inserting a bullet into a cut case an slowly chambering it several times to check for consistency in OAL I finally have a bullet that with touch the leads which is about half way down the first driving band right before the crimp groove which leaves a little bit of space looks to be about 1/16″ before reaching the bottom of the case neck.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be able to get over to my friends house at our little range and shoot some test loads over the chrono an report back on how they do. I plan on PC’ing a few as well to throw in the mix.


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