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I know I’m not up at the top yet but keeping the sight picture the same with this particular rear sight is very taxing . Meaning that it doesn’t feel like the bead and the U match up . Maybe it’s just me , my cant ,balance , perception , maybe it’s a weird light thing . I’m holding out for a weird sight thing .

My inner shotgunner just asked if it would be practical to do a rib and bead ……. he doesn’t any suggestions about how to get a rear sight on it although there was a flash of flip ups. Now there’s just maniacal laughter in the background noise .

Any top rail suggestions for the factory drill and tap ?

As a side note and unsubstantiated claim , it appears that Remlin is using the suffix letter dating method on SNs for the Remlins . This is a B made in 2011 , plant ops were moved and restarted in 2010 it would make sense for A to be 2010 and no suffix to the MR 00000 to be 04-09 after the buy out . Just for whatever it’s worth .

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