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Harter;n15046 wrote: I got out today , targets , Chrony , 50 rounds . 6 loads , 3 bullets .
The 11gr of Unique under the 458-340 and the paper patched 453-350 were fun . The sight adjustment is pretty close now . 1000-1100 fps there’s work to do there if I presue subs .
I have 42-48 gr to run with for the 405s with H322 and it’s closing at 43.5 .

As a side note the surplus H4831 was fun also just matching the Unique loads .

​​​​​​The backer , a paper box 11.5 x 16.5 has 48 of the 50 in about 8.5 square .
The best of the full tilt loads . It’s obvious that to get this down to zero I need to find a rail and good optic or at a minimum get the peep on it . I have 1 step left on the rear sight and still had to hold over at just 50 yd . I might have another front sight around …. Here’s a phrase I never thought I’d say , I don’t think the Redding dies are going to cut it .

Actually, you might find it makes less difference than you think. I didn’t do much better with Unique, using a scope.

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