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I was looking for something unrelated to the project at hand and found a stash of 458193s so I loaded 5 each at 42,42.5,43,43.5 of H322 under these at 414 gr . Also 10 each which Unique under the 350s the Lee seems a little small so I opted to run it light to see and I rolled the 453-350 in paper to see if it would pick up the copper still in the barrel before I stick a bunch of lead to it . I’ll likely get out tomorrow afternoon to check it out and run it over the Chrony just to see how fast the 31kpsi Privi Partizan 405 goes .

The sights aren’t bad as is , I do have a Williams peep sight that is windage and elevation adjustable if I can locate a base ……. which I probably have laying around somewhere . If push comes to push I’m sure I have a set of rings suitable for the action or can get a rail to go with a really low set of rings .

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