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That rifle will put ten in a 3″ circle at 100 yards. I’ve shot one. Very good rifles.
No, I do not think somebody saved you from Remington’s cheese grater metal fit. I’ve been saying it for years that Remington has made magnificent steps forward in the fit and finish of these rifles and they shoot as good or better than the originals.
The checkering will have no overruns. It’s CNC cut.
The #1 thing you can do to improve the feel of the bolt is to work on that ejector, it’s spring, and the track that it rides in in the bolt. You can also drop in a Wolff spring kit, and stone the hell out of all the internal moving parts (except the bolt block and the slot it rides in). Bend the trigger return spring up with a screwdriver to make it a little lighter.
If you need a trigger job, holler at me.

Some good starting loads use the gas checked NOE 460-350-RF, or the 460-378-RN. Both will feed flawlessly. Use water dropped COWW with 2.5% tin. Use White Label BAC lube. Size to .459.
Load these bullets in Starline brass (that has been neck sized with the Lyman die) over 54grains of IMR4895, and light them with a CCI 200 LR primer.

That’s going to put you pretty close to 2 MOA and you can tweak it from there.


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