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All this time I thought God invented 4B for coyotes. LOL! Before the heavy-shot evolution, 4B was my choice when calling coyotes. I dropped them with it even out of my ML shotgun. Once I moved to AZ, I was limited to a max shot size of BB. I then found out that a load of copper plated hard BB shot was very effective, and gave a better pellet count. It will still penetrate a coyote side-to-side at 40 yards. The heaver than lead T-buck represents about the best balance of pellet count and penetration. It penetrates on par with 4B lead pellets, and you get more pellets in the shell. They are pricey, but don’t overlook them for self defense. They double as great varmint eliminators too.

A 4B story. When I got out of the navy in 1978 the military surplus store in Dodge City had a 25 lb bag of 4B. The price was $27. Seems cheap today, but back then my check from GI bill was $16 a month short of paying the rent. The ole man figured out my plight and sold it to me for $24. Said it had been hanging around too long. I saw that bag a few weeks ago, still has a little in it. I saw that ole gents face again. Made me both happy and sad.

BTW, 4B stacks in layers of 3 in a 28 gauge.

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