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I am not worried about someone 50 yards away. If he wants to stand out there and thumb his nose at me, and go nana nana boopoo so be it.

What concerns me is inside my doors. And that includes both target, and things I do not want to hit by accident. Such as wife, children or neighbors.

I KNOW what 7.5’s in a 2 3/4 shell will do at 15 feet. And that is the range we are talking about, inside the house, close range, too close.

To all of you who insist that you need buckshot I invite you to try this challenge.

Go to the grocery store, buy a whole chicken, or if you really want to be tough, a pork roast with the shoulder blade in it.
Take it home, slide it into an old worn out bluejeans pants leg. Tie it in there. Take it outside, hang it in a tree at chest height, bearing in mind what is behind it. Shoot it with your home defense shotgun at a measured 15 feet with a 2 3/4 load of 7.5’s.

Go look at the results and tell me you don’t see a bloody rat hole. Tell me if that hit an intruder anywhere from balls to brain that he would still be a threat!

I do not shoot people running away. I do not need a 50 yard load. If the shit hits the fan I have several rifles that will reach many multiples of that distance.
What I need from my shotgun is inside the doors protection that will not kill someone I do not mean to kill.

Now even birdshot may make it through 2 layers of 5/8ths sheetrock. Two layers of 1/2″ and I will bet even 7.5’s will penetrate. Me I am lucky, my walls are plaster and lathe covered by 5/8ths rock. So if I miss I can be pretty sure not much is coming through the far side of that wall.

But double ought buck may go through 5-9 layers of sheet rock before it stops.

But don’t take my word for it. Stand in the center of your house, where you can look down the hallways and into most rooms.
Most houses won’t exceed 20 feet without having to change position. Whatever yours is measure it, inside, and outside on the chicken.

And if you have 50 yard shots under your roof, well your a lucky man and can afford security. Why are you worried about this stuff?

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