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That’s pretty cool sundog. I’ve run into that on PC before, and I believe one of the hardest parts is getting a consistent coating on the bullets. That’s why I tumble them in the airsoft BBs. A buddy of mine locally has done some pretty amazing things with suppressed 300BLK SBR AR rifles and PC bullets. He tumbles them lightly in the stuff. They look like hammered horse manure with little holes all over in the PC, but it’s consistent in thickness. His philosphy is, he doesn’t care what they look like because he can’t see them flying anyway. I personally witnessed him hit a 2′ square steel gong at 500 yards almost every time. This was impressive since his scope was cranked up as far as it would go, and he was aiming for the treetops behind the target. Feeding was flawless, precision was acceptable, and accuracy was too. He has since harvested several deer with these loads.

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