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I posted those a good while back on the CBF.

Ok Tim said that the way I wrote the original text was confusing. So I’ll rewrite it hopefully it make more sense.

The original test parameters was 10 shots at 100 in 3 MOA. The concept was to push the envelope up.

Looking at the top target I shot that day I held the 3 MOA ten shot parameter defined, I then shot the bottom target at 47 grs. which blew out.

The other thing that was agreed upon was repeatability the load had to shot the 3 MOA or better on demand.

I later reshot the exact loads again twice the 47 gr load stay consistent at 6 MOA, then reshot the 45grs load again twice both attempts exceeded 3 MOA by a 1/4″, therefore within the parameters of the test I considered it a failure. Plain and simple others discount flyers I do not they belong in the group unless I KNOW and Call the flyer. Which means I must reshoot the group.
As a added test to confirm the failure in my opinion, I ran the exact same loads through another 30-06 (a Remington 721 that consistently produces outstanding groups) the results was worse than the 1903A3 Springfield in both groups.

The 1903A3 has a terrible bore but when I drop the velocity to the 16/1800 fps range she will keep up with the Remington 721 in the accuracy department

Here are samples of the 1903A3 (Remington) with SR4759 at 18grs using the 30XCB(left) a sample of the 721 Remington same load (right)………. (both are thrown Charges only difference is COAL)

Solid 1 MOA performance or better from both rifles (factory 1-10 twist)

Here is what I will state I NEVER had any leading at all ever using carnuba red 2700+

4350 is slower and should maybe maybe run a litter faster and provide a gentler push which is why I said to try it Glenn. the Accurate Arms 4350 will meter better than the IMR when throwing the charges.

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