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Grew up shooting 870’s and 1100’s in the gun locker is Winchesters ,Mossberg, Charles Daley, Franchi, H&R, Browning maybe others but I would have to get up and look (aint going to happen) Have shot most of the others and I have never been able to hit flying stuff any better with high dollar shotguns than I can with my 1100. there are 870’s with 20 in smooth bore deer barrels on them behind bedroom doors and I have been shooting Rems so long I don’t even have to think about safety or slide release it just happens .Remember in a High stress situation you will go with what you know so for me it would be the 870.
If I am headed out hunting the only time I don’t reach for the 1100 is Quail or Rabbit that 20ga Franchi sure is lighter than that 1100 lol

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